Introducing the new Student Mediation brand – Student ADR Association!

Are you asking why ADR and why the new brand is in English? The activities of the Student Mediation and the interests of the members of the association are gradually expanding. This is precisely what is reflected in the new brand by the abbreviation ADR, alternative dispute resolution in English, which, in addition to mediation, also includes other methods of out-of-court dispute resolution such as negotiation or arbitration. Members of Student Mediation regularly participate in foreign competitions in both mediation and negotiation, where they compete with competitive teams from different parts of the world and represent the association and the Law Faculty of the Charles University at the international level. That is why we decided that it is time for Student Mediation to have a brand that will represent the association and its members not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad. What do you say about it?

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Student ADR Association

The association was founded as a student initiative bringing together those interested in practicing mediation model situations. We like mediation – an amicable method of dispute resolution, in which the mediator helps the opposing parties understand each other, understand each other and find a solution together that satisfies the interests of all parties involved.

In addition to mediation itself, at our meetings we also deal with negotiation (negotiation if you want) and listening and effective communication techniques.

We are a group of mostly former and current students of the Law Faculty of the Charles University, but there are also people with other backgrounds among us.

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If you are interested in mediation and our association, do not hesitate and come to our meeting. They always take place in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. Sometimes many of us continue by visiting a nearby restaurant offering refreshments, where we thoroughly discuss all the topics that life brings.