Student ADR Association has many Charles University Law students among its members who regularly participate in mediation competitions, especially international ones, where they develop their mediation and negotiation skills, get to know the international environment and represent the University. The achievements of the members of Student Mediation Prague include participation in the semi-finals of INADR 2019 in Athens, participation in the semi-finals of CDRC 2019 in Vienna, third place at the Bucerius Law School Hamburg Mediation Competition 2019 or first place at the Inter-University Mediation Competition at PF UK 2019. Members of the association also regularly team at the prestigious International Commercial Mediation Competition organized by the International Chamber of Commerce. In order to prepare for these competitions and for the purpose of preparing for real meetings with mediation, Student ADR Association organizes mediation trainings and a forum for sharing and refining know-how.

Competition news

CDRC 2021 Tender

Are you interested in mediation and negotiation? Do you want to experience the atmosphere of an international competition and meet…