Mediation Trainings

Join our mediation and negotiations trainings and negotiate or mediate in a safe environment!
Can you get what you need from the other party?
In the role of a mediator or a co-mediator, can you manage to calm the strong emotions of the parties?

We train together, we improve together through constructive feedback, and we sustain a friendly atmosphere 🙂.
Check our FB page to find out when the next training session is taking place.

At the Faculty of Law at Charles University, we regularly organize the so-called mediation and negotiation trainings. We meet every 14 days on Wednesday evenings.

We explain and practice the mediation process together and we learn more about the role of a mediator and learn how mediation can be used by parties to a conflict to negotiate a mutually beneficial solution.

We welcome students mainly from law and economics faculties, but also from other faculties. The general public by prior arrangement.

How does training go?

  • You can participate actively or passively.
  • At the beginning, we will discuss the topic of the training, e.g., it might be active listening techniques or what to look out for when negotiating and many others.
  • Everything takes place in a friendly spirit, we sit in a circle, give each other space and have tea available 🙂
  • In the second part, a role-playing simulation takes place. You can attend as one of the parties, i.e., as a negotiator or as a mediator.

For example, we tried to mediate the following situations:

  • the water company’s negotiations with a powerful government agency over subsidies and forced shutdowns
  • consumer dispute (or Venice is not like Venice)
  • heated negotiations between the ambassadors of the two warring states
  • conflict between the university management and the striking students, where the mediator had a lot of work to do

We get the case, prepare a strategy, and then use mediation and negotiation techniques to work through the conflict so that the parties understand each other and have the space to find a mutually beneficial solution.

At the end, we get constructive feedback from both the participants and the organizers. Sometimes after the training we go to a restaurant to chat 🙂.

Current information is on our FB page.