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    Mediation clinic

    The Mediation Clinic provides a unique informal and confidential forum to talk about your issues with the other party. The involved mediators are unbiased professionals who work together with trained law school students. In mediation, both sides of a dispute meet at a common table with two mediators who support their communication. Unlike a judge, the mediators do not decide who is right or who is at fault. Mediators help the parties to the dispute to understand each other and eventually reach an agreement that respects the needs and interests of both parties.

    When and why choose mediation?

    Disputes, conflicts, or various grievances are a common part of university life. Mediation allows the parties to control the output of the dispute. Mediation is suitable where you want to avoid stress, the rigidity of formal procedures or need peace of mind to continue your studies or work.

    Mediation can help resolve a wide range of issues – disrespectful behavior, noise complaints, harassment, assault, discrimination, property damage, etc. – and between a variety of actors, whether students, roommates, faculty members and students, or among co-workers.

    What will mediation allow me to do?

    Mediation works best when all parties to a dispute are present to talk together about the issues that are the source of the conflict. Mediators help create an environment in which all parties have an opportunity to express how they see the situation. The open communication that is encouraged in mediation helps parties in conflict to listen to each other’s views, identify the reasons for differences, and understand the interests of all participants. The mediation process allows for a solution to the dispute that is meaningful to all.

    Who is the clinic for?

    Mediations are provided to students and their family members, or employees of the Charles University and other members of Charles University academic community, in the form of pro bono mediation by prior arrangement.

    Who runs the clinic?

    The Mediation Clinic is run by the student associations Student ADR Association and the Association of Czech Lawyers Všehrd in cooperation with the Center for Out-of-Court Dispute Resolution at the Faculty of Law of Charles University.